MicroChip implant

Keeping track of your small pet can be difficult. Have peace of mind knowing you can find them at any time using a microchip tracker.

akc evaluators on staff

We are proud to say we are one of the very few dog training companies in the Greater Sacramento area that can certify your dog in all levels of the AKC Certifications.

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About Capital City K9

We are a family based organization whose mission is to work as a team to help everyone who has the need for a Service Dog. Whether you were a veteran who has PTSD from your time in service, or you are looking for a Service Dog to mitigate a child's disability, you've come to the right place.

​With the experience and knowledge our team possesses, we can work through just about any situation. Our staff may be small, but the hearts they have are huge. Everyone who walks through the doors of our facility becomes a part of our family and we are all dedicated to helping you through whatever curve ball life has thrown.

free evaluations

If you are looking into our obedience program for your dog, give us a call. We offer free evaluations and custom training plans.

canine first aid & cpr

First Aid & CPR isn't just for humans, this is a need for every responsible pet owner. Basic first aid will help keep your animal stable until you are able to reach professional care.